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12 Feb
Helping to understanding how taxes work in retirement


You need a retirement tax strategy that will: 

  • Identify the types of taxes you will face at various stages 
  • Address how taxes impact Social Security and Medicare 
  • Plan when to tap different accounts so you don’t overpay taxes 

Attend this complimentary workshop and you will learn: 

  • The critical tax question you must answer BEFORE retirement 
  • The surprises that often make retirement more expensive 
  • What the Social Security “tax trap” is and how you can avoid it 
  • Why tapping assets in the wrong order can trigger higher Medicare premiums 
  • Why you need to manage taxes even before you retire 
  • The four stages of retirement and important tax actions in each stage, including tricky IRA challenges 
  • Mistakes to avoid when it comes to your investment portfolio, health care, and estate 

Date and Time

Fri, Feb 12, 2021

12:00p - 1:00p MST




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